Education and Advocacy Services

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT – Chijioke Chukwuemeka Obi

The Department has three (3) Divisions with divisional Head as follows:

Public Enlightenment Division:
Head: Ejiogu Boniface

Research Division:
Head: Magaji, Grace (Mrs)

Advocacy Division:
Head:  Yahaya, Sani (Alh)

The Department undertakes the following functions:

  • Promoting the cause of probity in Government by giving Annual Awards to deserving Public Servants.
  • Promoting an educational system that motivates and stimulates positive moral and social values.
  • Preparation and publication of public enlightenment papers, pamphlets, handouts and booklets for distribution to Public Officers.
  • Organizing courses and programmes for Political Office holders and Chief Executives on how to effectively carry out Government business.
  • Organizing local and national workshops and seminars on ethics and accountability in the Public Service.
  • Initiation and articulation of orientation courses for Bureau staff and other related organizations ,
  • Conducting research into ways and means of enhancing the quality of life of Public Officers responsible for citizenship and orderly society and
  • Giving of Annual Awards to deserving Public Servants

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