Finance and Accounts

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT – Okorocha Ifeanyi Chibuzo


There are three Divisions as follows:-

Finance & Accounts




  • Provides Financial Services to the CCB
  • Prepares Annual Budget for the CCB
  • Submission and defense of the Budget at the Budget Office of the Federation and National Assembly
  • Receipt and Distribution of Funds to Expenditure Units and State Offices
  • Monitoring of Budget Performance
  • Processing of all approved payments in the CCB
  • Preparation and payment of salaries in the CCB
  • Maintaining all the necessary and statutory books of Account.
  • Prompt processing and payment of all approved personal advances
  • Prompt retirement of Advances
  • Prompt processing and payment of approved purchases and contracts
  • Collection of Contributory Pension Deductions when salaries are paid
  • Prompt rendition of Accounts of the CCB to Office of the Accountant General of the Federation.
  • Liaison with the OAGF, Budget Office of the Federation, Relevant Committees of the National assembly, CBN, FIRS and other relevant bodies for funding matters of the CCB.

Finance and Accounts Division


Salaries Section

  • Prepare and ensure prompt payment of salaries to staff
  • Ensure that all deductions made from salaries are promptly remitted to appropriate beneficiaries
  • Prepare Schedules of monthly Pension deductions to PENCOM
  • Balances the personnel cost vote book on monthly basis
  • Ensures that members of staff are properly introduced to the payroll at the beginning of each year.

Central Pay Office

  • Ensures payment to approved beneficiaries
  • Takes Custody of security documents
  • Remits taxes and other deductions to the appropriate authorities
  • Implements the e-payment policy of the Government by submission of mandates to banks in hard and soft copies
  • Maintains the Cash books of the CCB
  • Receipts of Federal Government revenue
  • Maintenance of cashbooks and other relevant registers
  • Liaison with the Central Bank on behalf of the CCB.

Checking Section

  • Checking to ensure that supporting documents accompany payment vouchers
  • Checking to ensure that payments are duly entered into Vote Books and that there is sufficient fund for such payments
  • Checking of payment vouchers for completeness, accuracy, correctness and compliance with the Financial Regulations and Treasury Circulars.

Advance Section

  • Ensure that advances (Motor Vehicles, spectacle, etc) granted to members of staff of the CCB are properly recorded
  • Monitors retirement of advances granted to members of staff of the CCB.
  • Renders returns of outstanding advances to the OAGF.
  • Maintains the Advances Ledger for recording of advances granted to staff
  • Process payment vouchers for all approved requests on advances/loan personal and/or non-personal, salary advances, spectacle advance, and correspondences advance, etc.
  • Final Accounts Section
  • Preparation of transcript for the office of Accountant General of the Federation
  • Preparation of monthly bank reconciliation statements
  • Rendition of the OAGF accounts to the Consolidated Accounts department.

Other Charges Section

  • This section controls the Overhead and Capital vote books of the Commission
  • Prepares weekly balances of various accounts sub heads
  • Ensures that appropriate liabilities are taken for contract awards
  • Raises payment vouchers for the payment of claims of staff of the CCB, Contractors, individuals, firms, Corporate Organizations and Agencies
  • Prepare expenditure returns for recurrent expenditure.

Final Accounts:

  • Prepares transcripts of Accounts for onward submission to office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF)
  • Ensures that the accounting codes and the new Chart of Accounts (COA) are implemented
  • Provides the necessary records and materials for external auditors and OAGF to facilitate audit assignments.
  • Reconciliation Section
  • Preparation of monthly bank reconciliation statements
  • Collects statement of accounts, both personnel, overhead and Capital from banks maintained by the CCB.

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