Intelligence, Investigation and Monitoring

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT – Gwimi Sabastine Peter


There are three Divisions as follows:-

Intelligence Division

Investigation Division

Monitoring Division


This Operational Department has the following functions:-

  • Gathering Intelligence reports on Public Officers; their assets and lifestyles.
  • Information gathering on personnel of the Bureau.
  • Handling all matters relating to security, screening of Public Officers for Political Appointments, National Awards, etc.
  • Receiving and investigating complaints and petitions from the public against Public Officers.
  • Monitoring all negative social trends that impede morality and accountability in the conduct of Government business.
  • Monitoring the conduct of Public Officers to ensure they conform to the Code of Conduct for Public Officers.
  • Referring all subject matters of investigation that fall outside the mandate of the Bureau to the appropriate Government Agency as may be directed.
  • Referring all cases investigated and established to the Legal Department for prosecution before the Code of Conduct Tribunal.
  • Collaborating with Anti-Corruption based Civil Society Organizations; Faith based Organizations etc. to monitor the behavior of Public Office holders in the Conduct of Government business.
  • Establishing in-situ Code of Conduct Unit in all MDA€™s to assist the Bureau in monitoring the Public Officers.
  • Performs any other functions as may be directed by the Bureau.

The Department has two standing committees as follows;-

1. The Departmental Committee which ensures that the activities of the department are properly articulated and executed.

ii. The Petition Screening Committee, deliberates upon and takes decisions on all petitions received by the Bureau.

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