Chairman, the Code of Conduct Bureau, Prof. Mohammed Isah drilled the newly recruited Cadets of the Economic Financial Crimes Commission on “Economic and Financial Crimes, the Role of the CCB”. The lecture took place on the 8th of January, 2023. The Chairman was accompanied by Board Members and some Directors of the Bureau.

The lecture was focused on the following key areas:

• Challenges of fighting corruption
• Way forward in fighting corruption
• CCB’s mandates and structures
• Stakeholders in the fight against economic crimes.

In addition, Prof. Isah gave a detailed explanation of the points and went further to emphasize the need for synergy among stakeholders fighting economic crimes in Nigeria. He also said, ” fighting criminality is key to achieving a successful country”.

Prof. Isah said, CCB is a data bank when it comes to information sharing and advised leaders of anti-corruption agencies to avoid ego-centric attitudes but rather acknowledge the role of other stakeholders in the fight against corruption.

He concluded by admonishing the new officers to read and abide by the 14 Codes binding every public servant in Nigeria.