The Code of Conduct Tribunal has ruled in favor of the Bureau in the case against the Kano State Public Complaints and Anti Corruption Commission Boss, Muniyil Magaji.

It will be recalled that the Bureau had arraigned Muniyil Magaji on a ten count charge of a breach of the Code of Conduct for Public Officers before the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

The defendant had filed a motion challenging the competence of the case .The Tribunal ruled on the application dismissing it for lacking a merit.

The application relied on the ruling delivered by the Kano State High Court on the 18th of August, 2023 restraining the EFCC, ICPC and CCB from interfering with the affairs of the defendant.

The prosecution on the other hand led by Musa Ibrahim argue that the Kano State High Court was made without jurisdiction and did not restrained the Bureau or the Federal government from investigating and prosecuting the defendant.

The Tribunal however established, that the CCB has a valid case and the defendant will have his day in court to answer to the charges brought against him.

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